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Contoh dialog percakapan 3 orang berkunjung ke Brunei

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Bagaimana contoh dialog percakapan 3 orang berkunjung ke Brunei?

Berikut adalah contoh dialog dan percakapan tiga orang dengan tema berkunjung ke Brunei (visit to Brunei).

  • Rika : What is that, Sister? Are you reading something?
  • Karin : Yes, it’s some kind of travel guide magazine. This magazine shows you some great places to visit in Southeast Asia.
  • Rika : Are you planning on going to those places?
  • Karin : Yes, maybe someday.
  • Rika : What is the best place recommendation, anyways?
  • Karin : There are many countries that are worth visiting shown in this magazine. Like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and even Philippine.
  • Rika : Is Indonesia included amongst them?
  • Karin : Yes. Tourists also rated Indonesia as one of best places to visit.
  • Rika : So, what country would be your option?
  • Karin : I think Singapore and Thailand would be great.
  • Father : What about Brunei Darussalam?
  • Rika : Huh?? Brunei? Do you mean that country in the East Malaysia?
  • Father : Yes. It can be one of your options.
  • Karin : What? Brunei? Seriously, Father… what can I see in that small country?
  • Father : Then you are asking the right person.
  • Rika : Huh? So, you have ever been in Brunei, Father?
  • Father : Yes, Dear. I have ever been there for 3 times in order to complete my job stuffs.
  • Karin : I never hear much about good places or attractions in Brunei.
  • Father : It seems that way, but if you someday have a trip to Brunei. I’m sure you really are going to have fun.
  • Rika : So, what can we see in Brunei, Father?
  • Father : If you visit Brunei someday, maybe you could start your trip from Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of Brunei. In there you can see the waterfront of Bandar Sri Begawan. This is one of the best places in Bandar Sri Begawan for a fun stroll, especially in the evening. And then you can see the world’s largest residence named Istana Nurul Iman.
  • Karin : World’s largest residence? Is that a palace?
  • Father : Yes, Dear. This palace has over than 1700 rooms inside with tremendous interior and exterior. This grand residence is home to the sultan and his family. You can only get inside the palace during the three-day Hari Raya Aidil Fitri celebrations at the end of Ramadan.
  • Rika : Wow, that is awesome!
  • Father : And… Brunei also has the grandest mosque named Jame’Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque. The architecture and interior of this mosque are just beyond amazing. I was dazed at my first time visiting this great mosque. And then… Brunei has Kampong Ayer, it’s a water village that shows you traditional ways of life of Bruneians. Brunei also has many other attractions like amusement parks, historical and cultural sites, grand museums, etc. You’ll never regret to visit Brunei.
  • Karin : That is quite amazing, Father. Maybe Brunei really can be one of my options.
  • Rika : Wow, please take us there next time, Father!
  • Father : Ha ha ha. Alright, Dear… I will if I’m allowed to.

Glossaries Text Percakapan Bahasa Inggris Visit to Brunei

  • Some kind of = sejenis, semacam
  • Travel guide = panduan wisata
  • Someday = suatu hari (nanti)
  • Worth visiting = patut dikunjungi
  • Included = termasuk
  • Amongst = di antara
  • Rate (to rate) = menilai
  • In order to = untuk, dalam rangka
  • Attractions = tempat-tempat menarik
  • It seems that way = sepertinya begitu
  • Waterfront = tepi laut
  • Stroll = jalan-jalan
  • World’s largest residence = tempat kediaman terbesar di dunia
  • Tremendous = luar biasa
  • Interior = bagian dalam (rumah)
  • Exterior = bagian luar (rumah)
  • Grand = megah, besar, agung
  • Get inside = masuk
  • During = selama
  • Celebration = perayaan
  • At the end of = di akhir…
  • Grandest = terbesar
  • Mosque = masjid
  • Architecture = arsitektur
  • Beyond amazing = sangat luar biasa
  • Dazed = terpesona, terpukau
  • Ways of life = cara/gaya hidup
  • Bruneian = orang Brunei
  • Amusement park = taman hiburan
  • Historical and cultural sites = tempat historis dan cultural