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52 contoh kalimat general truth dalam bahasa Inggris

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Bagaimana contoh kalimat general truth dalam bahasa Inggris?

Kalimat general truth (kebenaran umum) merupakan suatu kalimat yang berisi informasi kebenaran yang bersifat mutlak dan merupakan sebuah kelaziman yang terjadi di alam semesta. Kebenaran ini tidak terbantahkan karena didukung oleh hasil riset atau penelitian yang melalui proses pengamatan. Termasuk di dalamnya adalah berbagai fenomena alam dan peristiwa yang terjadi di dunia.

Bentuk kalimat tipe general truth mengikuti aturan simple present tense. Ada kalimat yang menggunakan to be dan ada yang menggunakan verb1 (kata kerja bentuk pertama), beserta variasi bentuk aktif dan pasifnya. Berikut adalah contoh kalimat Bahasa Inggris tipe general truth berikut ini:

  1. Ice is cold.
  2. Fire is hot.
  3. Salt is salty.
  4. Sugar is sweet.
  5. The earth is round.
  6. Mars is a planet.
  7. The moon moves around the earth.
  8. Jupiter is a planet with ring.
  9. Cats are animals.
  10. Spinach is a kind of vegetables.
  11. Rainbow is always colorful.
  12. Egg yolk is rich of protein.
  13. Wolves are wild animals.
  14. Dogs and tigers are family.
  15. Money is useful for human in their lives.
  16. Mount Himalaya is in Japan.
  17. Chicken pox is infectious.
  18. Hearth attack is very dangerous.
  19. English is an international language.
  20. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia.
  21. Globe is the earth miniature.
  22. The world is a collection of nations.
  23. Erdogan is the president of Turkey now.
  24. Indonesia is an independent country.
  25. Singapore is in the south east Asia.
  26. There are two seasons in Indonesia; dry season and rainy season.
  27. The north and the south poles are the coldest places in the earth.
  28. Water boils at 100 degree of Celsius.
  29. The ice melts at the room temperature.
  30. All planets move in the orbits.
  31. The sun rises in the East.
  32. The ice covers Antarctica.
  33. Global warming changes lives in the earth.
  34. Some animals live in colony.
  35. The plane flies in the sky.
  36. Fish lives in water.
  37. Javan rhinos become one of the rarest animals in the world.
  38. A mother always loves her children.
  39. A man naturally loves a woman.
  40. A family consists of parents and children.
  41. As social creature, human likes living together.
  42. Every civilization has its own culture.
  43. Nature shapes human life.
  44. Every country has a national anthem.
  45. The world tries to create peace.
  46. Any wars bring a lot of destructions.
  47. Every car needs an engine to operate.
  48. Human needs foods to get energy.
  49. Fruits and vegetables consist of vitamins and minerals.
  50. All green plants have chlorophylls.
  51. Plant needs carbon dioxide in photosynthesis process.
  52. Plant produces oxygen as a result of photosynthesis which is very useful for humans to live.