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17 contoh kalimat sebab akibat (cause effect) dalam bahasa Inggris

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Bagaimana contoh kalimat sebab akibat (cause effect) dalam bahasa Inggris?

Kalimat sebab akibat adalah kalimat yang digunakan untuk menunjukkan suatu situasi yang menyebabkan terjadinya situasi lainnya. Situasi yang menjadi penyebab dinamakan cause (sebab) dan situasi yang menjadi akibat dinamakan effect (akibat).

Contoh Kalimat Bahasa Inggris Sebab Akibat:

  1. The rain is very hard, so I stop driving my car and park it at a safe place.
    Cause: The rain is very hard.
    Effect: I stop driving my car and park it at a safe place.
  2. She came late to her office this morning because she got a little accident.
    Effect: She came late to her office this morning.
    Cause: She got a little accident.

Lazimnya, cause ditulis lebih dahulu baru kemudian diikuti effect. Namun, dalam prakteknya tidak jarang juga effect ditulis lebih dahulu dan diikuti oleh cause seperti dalam contoh kalimat sebab akibat di atas.

Aturan menyusun kalimat sebab akibat

Dalam Bahasa Inggris, untuk menghubungkan situasi yang memiliki hubungan sebab akibat, diperlukan connectors (penghubung) tertentu, yaitu:

  • conjunctions: because, as, so, for, since, as a result, because of, due to, owing to, as a result of, as a consequence of
  • adverbial conjunctions: thus, therefore (for that reason), thereby (by that means, as a result of that), hence, consequently

Penggunaan connectors tersebut mengikuti beberapa aturan sebagai berikut (perhatikan secara seksama peletakan connectors dan tanda baca yang digunakan pada masing-masing contoh kalimat:

Rumus 1 : Diikuti noun (kata benda)

due to/owing to /as a result of/as a consequence of + noun (kata benda)

Connectors + Cause, + Effect
Effect + Connectors + Cause


  1. Due to traffic jam, Bob missed the train.
  2. Owing to Mandy’s sincerity, everyone loves her.
  3. Many houses were broken as a result of the earthquake.
  4. Uncle Joe is fired as a consequence of his fatal mistakes.

Rumus 2 : Diikuti clause (klausa)

because, as, so, for, since, as a result + clause (klausa)

Connectors + Cause, + Effect
Effect, + Connectors + Cause


  1. Because she will take her postgraduate study in London, Timothy decided to move there next year.
  2. As the government has announced the new petrol price, some gas stations follow this regulation.
  3. For I cannot do all the test items on time, I fail to get a perfect score.
  4. My father is invited to present his brilliant thought in the conference since he is one of the experts.
  5. Ben has got a flat tire, so he cannot reach the school on time.
  6. All volunteers temporarily live in the remote areas, as a result, we are not able to contact any of them.

Rumus 3 : Diikuti verb (kata kerja) atau sentence (kalimat)

thus, therefore, thereby, hence, consequently + clause (klausa)/sentence (kalimat)

Cause, + Connectors + Effect (clause)
Cause. + Connectors, + Effect (sentence)


  1. Teenagers nowadays have been familiar with any kinds of gadgets, thus cannot live with them.
  2. The parents were unable to support the baby, therefore sent it to the orphanage.
  3. All employees in this factory are well paid, thereby having a good life standard.
  4. She forgot where she left her passport. Hence, she could not fly to Paris.
  5. The circus elephant was injured. Consequently, the circus canceled the show this week.