Latihan soal dependent and independent clauses 1

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1. The teacher asked: "Why did you come late, Mary?"
The teacher asked why ____.
2. Customer: Excuse me. Could you show me where the fitting room is?
Shop assistant: Sure, it is over there.
Customer: ____.
3. Linda said to Tono, "Did you finish your homework?"
Linda asked Tono ____.
4. Mr. Farhan said to his friend, "Who phoned me just now?"
The sentence above is the some as ____.
5. No one is admitted the university ____ he or she passes the test.
6. "Do you borrow this book from the library? Asked Deni.
Deni wanted to know whether I ____ that book from the library.
7. The insect, ____ bit my brother's arm last night.
8. Dono failed his exams. He was very unhappy.
If only Dono ____ he would have passed his exams.
9. His father speaks French but his mother speaks English. This means ____.
Mom: Oh dear, didn't I tell you to tidy this room?
Ani: Mom, I couldn't do it alone. Fery promised to help me but he went out.

In the dialogue Ani's mother wanted to know whether Ani ____ the room.


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