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Pengertian expressing invitation, contoh kalimat, dan percakapan

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Apa pengertian expressing invitation dan bagaimana contoh kalimat serta percakapannya?

Penjelasan Tentang Expressing Invitation

Pernahkah kalian mengundang ataupun diundang dalam suatu acara? Jawaban nya pasti “ya”. Dan pernahkah kalian mengundang ataupun diundang dalam suatu acara oleh kerabat atau sahabat kalian yang berkebangsaan asing atau stay at overseas? Invitation yang berarti mengundang adalah “an expression that is disclosed when there is someone who wants to ask other persons to come to a place or when there is someone who asks others to do something for him/her”.

Yaitu ekspresi yang diungkapkan ketika ada seseorang yang ingin meminta orang lain untuk datang ke suatu tempat atau ketika ada seseorang yang meminta orang lain untuk melakukan sesuatu untuk nya. Mengundang pun tidak hanya pada saat-saat resmi saja. Undangan ini bisa bersifat informal, contohnya undangan menonton film di bioskop, undangan makan malam, undangan menonton kembang api saat tahun baru, undangan ulang tahun, atau yang lainnya.

B. Ungkapan-Ungkapan Tentang Ekspressing Invitation

Berikut ungkapan-ungkapan yang dapat digunakan ketika mengundang, menerima undangan dan menolak undangan.

Invitation (Mengundang)

  • Why don’t you come to…
  • Like to come to …
  • Come and …
  • Shall we come to …
  • You must come to …
  • Etc.

Accepting (Menerima Undangan)

  • That would be very nice
  • OK,I will be there !
  • I’d like love to come.
  • All right.
  • Sure, I am coming
  • Etc.

Declining (Menolak Undangan)

  • Sort, I can’t.
  • I’d love to, but …
  • I don’t think I can.
  • In wish I could, but …
  • Sorry, I am very busy
  • Sorry, may be next time
  • Thank you, but I can’t
  • Sorry, I don’t think I
  • Can’t make it
  • I’m so sorry I can make it
  • Etc.

C. Contoh-Contoh Dialog Ekspressing Invitation

Percakapan 1

Contoh percakapan accepting (Menerima Undangan)

Dani : Do you have anything to do tonight, Deby?
Deby : I don’t think so. Why Deby?
Dani : My Friend is going to celebrate his wedding party tonight. He invited me and I don’t want to go alone. I don’t know with whom I should go there. Would you like to accompany me, Dani?
Deby : I would love too, but what time, Dani?
Dani : How about at seven o’clock? I’ll pick you up.
Deby : Ok that’s fine.
Dani : Thank’s, Deby you’re very kind.

Percakapan 2

Contoh percakapan Declining (Menolak Undangan)

Afif is very busy doing his homework. Sheila, his friend calls him for asking to come to her party.

Sheila : Hello, this is Sheila. May I speak to Afif?
Afif : Hello, Afif is speaking now.
Sheila : Oh, hi Afif. I wonder if you’d like to come to my house right now. We’re having a great party.
Afif : I don’t think I can. I’m doing my homework. My parents won’t let me out before I finish my homework.
Sheila : That’s alright.
Afif : I hope you enjoy your party sheila. Bye.
Sheila : It is okay Afif. Bye.

Demikian penjelasan dan ungkapan-ungkapan tentang expressing invitation bahasa Inggris.

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