Latihan soal subjunctive 1

Penting untuk diketahui:

  1. Setiap jawaban benar bernilai 1 poin. Semakin banyak jawaban benar, poin semakin banyak.
  2. Jika Anda belum login, hasil poin dan progress pengerjaan tidak dapat disimpan.
Pastikan Anda telah registrasi atau log in, agar hasil tes ini tersimpan dalam rapor Anda.

Rina: “my parents wish they had a certificate of deposit”

Dea: “why?”

Rina: “the Intertest rate’s very high recently”

From the dialogue we can conclude that Rina’s parents .....
We wish ..... now to support her daughter.
If only it were not hot. The fact is .....
If only we knew the venue. The fact is .....
If only I ..... in Bali.
We know that they are having several problems. But they keep it to their sel. We wish they ..... to us about it now.
“Dinda, Donny are you going to see the doctor today?”
“we wish we did not have to.”
If only ..... in the house, her husband would not angry.
If only I ..... my homework.
I wish somebody answered my call. The phone is been ringing for about Three minutes

The underlined sentence means .....