Latihan soal phrases 1

Penting untuk diketahui:

  1. Setiap jawaban benar bernilai 1 poin. Semakin banyak jawaban benar, poin semakin banyak.
  2. Jika Anda belum login, hasil poin dan progress pengerjaan tidak dapat disimpan.
Pastikan Anda telah registrasi atau log in, agar hasil tes ini tersimpan dalam rapor Anda.

We have done well in the competition so far and we need to build ..... that success.
These nouns fall ..... three different groups.
The teacher finds it difficult to keep ..... with the area of the class.
If they have not got enough money I am sure my parents would help them ......
They shut ..... the factory because dangerous chemicals were getting into the river.
Dina turned ..... the offer of a place at university and went travelling round the world instead.
The sun was beating ......
I am relying ..... our neighbors to water the garden while I am away.
The newspaper was flooded ..... letters from angry readers.
I wonder whether this new fashion will catch ..... with older people.