Past continuous tense

Latihan soal past continuous tense 1

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He usually wears sandals, but when I saw him, he ..... (wear) boots.
It was a fine day and the road crowded because a lot of people ..... (rush) to the seaside.
He had a bad fall while he ..... (repair) his roof.
When I arrived at meeting the first speaker had just finished speaking and the audience ..... (clap.
Tom ate nothing for lunch because he ..... (diet). He said that he ..... (try) to lose 10 kilos.
The children were frightened because it ..... (get) dark.
He was a little mad. He ..... (always try) to prove the earth was flat.
Two children ..... (play) on the sand and two fishermen ..... (lean) against an upturned boat.
While he ..... (learn) to drive he had twenty-five accidents.
From the sounds it was clear that Mary ..... (practice) the piano.