Future perfect continuous tense

Latihan soal future perfect continuous tense 1

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A: When you finish your English course, ..... (8) in New Zealand for over a year?
B: No, I ..... (9) here that long.
What's the answer number 8?
She is ..... at that company for three years when it finally closes.
How long ..... when you graduate?
You ..... for more than two hours when her plane finally arrives.
James ..... at the university for more than a year by the time he leaves for Asia.
They ..... for over an hour by the time Thomas arrives.
What's the answer number 9?
Are you ..... for more than two hours when her bus finally arrives?
We are ..... for over three days straight when we get to Anchorage.
Jason will be tired when he gets home because ..... for over an hour.