Latihan soal derivatives 2

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Perry was punished by Mrs. Granger for having used ____ language. She said many F words to Cathy for making her angry.
We should not ____ people of a certain race because everybody is unique in their own way.
X: have you checked this ____? It says we can win free tickets to Jpan if we make a booking this month?
Y: For real? Then, let’s go, book some tickets.
It is ____ whether the new Town Hall will be built, because the council has run out of money.
In spite of the high dificulty, Luna managed to defeat all the odds by passing all the tests ____
Dave suffers from a serous head ____ after his car crashed in to a tree. He has been unconscious for three days.
He studied astronomy and ____ in college.
On aclear day, the French coast is clearly ____ from the cliffs of Dover. You can see its beautiful white sand and its sparkling ocean water.
The government urges us to ____ on electricity, so we won’t end up living with serious energy crisis. Earth Hour is one of their programs.
I wish I could explain things as ____ as my chemistry teacher. She can make complicated things sound more simple and understandable.