Latihan soal vocabularies 6

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Isilah kolom kosong dengan jawaban yang benar diantara pilihan jawaban yang tersedia (dalam tanda kurung)

1. Goods cannot be exchanged unless a sales can be shown. (RECIPE/RECEIPT)

2. I am very to her problems. (SYMPATHETIC/KIND)

3. Be very careful with that painting; it's . (PRICELESS/WORTHLESS)

4. The airlines are going to their fairs again. (RAISE/RISE)

5. Can I your car to go to the supermarket? (LEND/BORROW)

6. I gave her an Italian book for her birthday. (RECIPE/RECEIPT)

7. My father is going to a new carpet in the dining room. (LIE/LAY)

8. Did you to switch off the kitchen light? (REMIND/REMEMBER)

9. When did she the new computer terminal? (INVENT/DISCOVER)

10. I adore the beautiful in the Lake District. (VIEW/SCENERY)


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