Latihan soal vocabularies 5

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Isilah kolom kosong dengan jawaban yang benar diantara pilihan jawaban yang tersedia (dalam tanda kurung)

1. Did Alexander Fleming penicillin? (INVENT/DISCOVER)

2. The cuts in spending will have a serious on the educational system. (EFFECT/AFFECT)

3. Staying indoors was a thing to do in this kind of weather. (SENSIBLE/SENSITIVE)

4. You should always be to children. (SYMPATHETIC/KIND)

5. He made faces and made the children laugh. (FUN/FUNNY).

6. I am very tired; I’ll just go and down for a few minutes. (LIE/LAY)

7. She has been in plain for over three days.(CONTINUAL/CONTINUOUS)

8. He asked me if I would him some money until Monday. (LEND/BORROW)

9. The wants to see you in his office. (PRINCIPLE/PRINCIPAL)

10. We must try to protect and the environment. (NATURE/COUNTRYSIDE)


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