Latihan soal vocabularies 4

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Isilah kolom kosong dengan jawaban yang benar diantara pilihan jawaban yang tersedia (dalam tanda kurung)

1. It took two policemen to the traffic. (DIRECT/CONDUCT)

2. I you to put all your money into a savings account. (ADVISE/ADVICE)

3. I didn’t have much on my birthday (FUN/FUNNY).

4. Don’t my sunglasses if you borrow them. (DAMAGE/HARM)

5. The English is beautiful in spring. (NATURE/COUNTRYSIDE)

6. He didn’t mean to the girl. (DAMAGE/HARM)

7. You can get a good of the sea from the church tower. (VIEW/SCENERY)

8. Her jewels were all imitations; they are quite . (PRICELESS/WORTHLESS)

9. You can take a boat trip around the of Amsterdam.(CHANNEL/CANAL)

10. Von Karajan will the orchestra at the concert. (DIRECT/CONDUCT)


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