Latihan soal vocabularies 3

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Isilah kolom kosong dengan jawaban yang benar diantara pilihan jawaban yang tersedia (dalam tanda kurung)

1. There is always the that the plane will be early. (OPPORTUNITY / CHANCE/POSSIBILITY)

2. My grandfather gave me a very useful piece of . (ADVISE/ADVICE)

3. The strike will all trains in the London area. (EFFECT/AFFECT)

4. The police will anyone from leaving the building.(AVOID/PREVENT)

5. Come and is down me. (BESIDE/BESIDES)

6. managing the shop, he teaches in the evening. (BESIDE/BESIDES)

7. Can you switch to 4 for the news? (CHANNEL/CANAL)

8. Our team has a good of winning. (OPPORTUNITY / CHANCE/POSSIBILITY)

9. You should travel early to traffic jams. (AVOID/PREVENT)

10. I am getting fed up with her complaints. (CONTINUAL/CONTINUOUS)


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