Latihan soal vocabularies 2

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1. Teguh : This fried chicken is my favorite.
Hilda : I like it too. This fried chicken is very .....
2. Grant is a tailor. He makes .....
3. My father always reads ..... every morning.
4. Indah ..... the match in National Olimpiade. She is very happy.
5. My sister went to the dentist two days ago because her ..... were in pain.
6.  The exam was too ..... for her. She got score 100.
7. Angels doll is broken. Angel is very ..... now.
8. The students duty is to ..... in the school.
9. Bimo is celebrating his birthday.  Now Bimo feels .....
10. Nita: Edi, your new shoes are so fit in you ..... You look charming and cool.
Edi: Thank you, Nita.


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