Latihan soal vocabularies 19

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Temukan makna kata yang sama dengan kata yang bergaris bawah.

1. Rivers provide a link between inland areas and the sea.
2. Rival companies compete to produce a better product at a lower price.
3. The quality and scope of hospital care vary in different parts of the world.
4. Is the job of the labor unions to negotiate contracts for their members.
5. The 1920s have generally been considered a decade of growth and prosperity.
6. Heavy Grazing by cattle reduces the amount of rainwater that soil can absorb.
7. Considerable amounts of the earth's fresh water are frozen in polar ice caps and glaciers.
8. Many common household materials can produce toxic rumes.
9. Artificial reefs are successful in hiding small fish from predators.
10. Amateur athletes of many nations compete in the olympic games.
11. The united states has 25 percent of the world's available coal reserves.
12. Studies have shown that diets high in fat increase the risk of heart disease.


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