Latihan soal vocabularies 1

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1. Maya ..... the match in Olympic Games. She is so sad.
2. A : Can you help me, please?
B : Yes, of course. What can I do for you?

A : Please, ..... this bag to my room.
B : Yes, Sir.
3. The teacher’s duty is to ..... the students in the school.
4. Mia : Adi, your shoes are so fit in your ..... You look gorgeous.
Adi : Thank you.
5. I am so hungry. So, I ..... a meal.
6. Lani : I want to wear my white gown to Amanda’s party. What do you think?
Dewi : I think the red one is better.
Lani : Ok. I will ..... the red gown
7. The gardener ..... the grass every Monday and Thursday.
8. I can’t hear anything since my ..... are sick.
9. Sugar is ..... but honey is sweeter than sugar.
10. My mother is a nurse. She works at Harapan Bunda Hospital. She ..... the patients.


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