Latihan soal verbs 4 (irregular verbs 4)

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Fill in the correct form of the irregular verb – All Tenses


What ____ of your new boyfriend? (you think)


do you think

1. The sun before I to bed. (set, go)

2. As soon as he had done his homework he out to play. (run)

3. anyone? (your dog, ever, bite)

4. Shakespeare a lot of plays and poems. (write)

5. Denise your uncle last Friday. (meet)

6. Joan four windows since she was born. (break)

7. Jim the car until he was 18. (drive)

8. The sun the whole day yesterday. (shine)

9. She her keys. She has been looking for them since Monday but she them yet. (lose, not find)

10. I all afternoon but I can't get any reply. (ring)


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