Latihan soal verbs 3 (irregular verbs 3)

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Fill in the correct form of the irregular verb – All Tenses


What ____ of your new boyfriend? (you think)


do you think

1. It was hot yesterday. The children swimming. (go)

2. Since his departure to France, I any news from him. (not hear)

3. The ball me on the head and I went to the ground. (hit)

4. Please on the shirt! I don't like it. (keep)

5. She was lying in her bed when the phone . (ring)

6. During the war, they many people. (shoot)

7. I you my new house sometime next week. (show)

8. Last night I in my bed for the first time. (sleep)

9. She never about her future. (speak)

10. My friend me for many years when I him last week. (not see, meet)


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