Latihan soal TOEFL 4 (sentence-completion 2)

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Complete the following sentences with this words:
• proficiency • coherent • rate • holistic • distractor • thesis • selective task • constructive task • integral part of • intelligible
Use each of the words only once in the sentence.

1. The most important part of your independent essay is your .

2. A TOEFL essay is intelligible.

3. For each TOEFL reading and listening question, you get four answer choices. Two choices are obviously wrong, one is right, and one is a .

4. means skill and knowledge.

5. ETS calls the TOEFL reading and listening questions

6. The TOEFL speaking and writing questions are called .

7. Lee's handwriting is so bad it is not .

8. The personal computer is an daily life in the U.S.

9. Traditional Chinese medicine is based on a approach.

10. Your two TOEFL essays will be holistically.