Latihan soal TOEFL 2 (sentence-completion 1)

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Complete the following sentences with this words:
• carnivore • prey on • accelerate • camouflage • astounding • resolute • diurnal • species • attain • eschew
Use each of the words only once in the sentence.

1. Heshu got a perfect 120 on the TOEFL test. That's !

2. Every hour all over the world, three become extinct.

3. Soldiers wear so they will not be seen on the battlefield.

4. Bats are nocturnal. They hunt at night. Deer are crepuscular. They are active at dawn and dusk. Cheetahs are . They hunt during the day.

5. Lions zebras.

6. When a plane takes off, it to reach maximum take off speed.

7. Hernando is very . When he makes up his mind, nothing can change it.

8. The opposite of is herbivore.

9. Sachi studied hard and her goal of becoming a surgeon.

10. Joan peanuts because she is allergic to them.