Latihan soal TOEFL 14 (sentence-completion 7)

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Complete the following sentences with this words:
impecunious • benevolent • inveterate • reimburse • all in all • subsist on • quite the contrary • judicious • insinuate • suffice it to say
Use each of the words only once in the sentence.

1. Ricardo thinks that global warming is nothing to worry about. Sam, , believes that global warming is a serious problem.

2. Rita is quite prosperous, however, when she was a student she was .

3. , the party was a great success.

4. Man cannot water alone.

5. When are the banks going the government for all the money they borrowed after the stock market crashed?

6. , we could all use a vacation.

7. The queen works assiduously to help her people prosper.

8. Mikael is an gambler. He will bet on anything.

9. The professor that Herman should study harder.

10. Surjit is always very with her money. She never makes a big purchase without first doing a complete price comparison.