Latihan soal TOEFL 12 (sentence-completion 6)

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Complete the following sentences with this words:
• harbinger • perch • offspring • precarious • quest • profuse • to infer • thaw • keen • brood
Use each of the words only once in the sentence.


1.In the late 1980s, relations between the Soviet Union and the U.S. began to .


2.Dogs have a  sense of smell.


3.When the leaves fall in autumn, it is a  of winter.


4.Eagles  at the top of the highest trees.


5.When Bess secretly saw Sam offer Daisy a diamond ring, she  that Sam had just proposed to Daisy.


6.Rabbits produce many .


7.That rope bridge might look , but it is really quite strong.


8.King Arthur and his knights were on a  to find the Holy Grail.


9.The mother bear moved her  across the river.


10.After winning an Oscar, the actor gave  thanks to everyone.