Contoh latihan soal TOEFL "prepositional verbs" (part 3)

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Ini adalah bagian ke tiga dari dua bagian sebelumnya dari latihan soal TOEFL mengenai prepositional verbs. Sebelum Anda mengerjakan soal ini, maka saya sarankan untuk terlebih dahulu mengerjakan soal part 1 dan part 2.

Put in the correct prepositions: 'of', 'on', 'at', or 'to'.

  1. I prefer a meatball ..... a sate.
  2. The siren warns everybody ..... a tsunami.
  3. We were shocked ..... you declining the scholarship.
  4. Everybody should react well ..... the global warming.
  5. The president's comments ..... the occupation is very unlikely.
  6. The two people are boasting ..... their fame and fortune.
  7. Every citizen has entitled ..... choose his belief.
  8. Kenneth is accustomed ..... having bread for his breakfast.
  9. The judges are convinced ..... the man's guilt.
  10. It did not occur ..... me that he did not appear.
  11. The certificate is attached ..... the letter.
  12. The manager gave a reply ..... the customer's complain.
  13. I am astonished ..... the man behavior.
  14. We should think ..... the budget
  15. The smell ..... the food from the kitchen is very strong.
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