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Soal-soal seputar penggunaan "quite, rather, too, enough" (exercise 2)

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Complete the sentences using too or enough appropriately.
(Lengkapi kalimat berikut dengan kata too atau enough secara tepat.)

  1. She can’t get married yet. She is not old _____.
  2. Prabu would like to buy a car but he hasn’t got _____ money.
  3. I couldn’t make coffee for everyone. There weren’t _____ coffee.
  4. Are you warm _____? Or shall 1 switch on the heating.
  5. It is only a small car. This is not big _____ for all of you.
  6. We couldn’t eat the soup. It is _____ hot.
  7. Nobody could move the piano. It is _____ heavy to move.
  8. I can’t wear this coat in winter. It is not warm _____.
  9. I can’t take a photograph. It is _____ dark in here.
  10. I am _____ nice to be politician.