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Soal-soal quantitative modifiers (exercise 2)

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Lengkapilah kalimat berikut dengan many, much, plenty (of) atau a lot of.

  1. We have to hurry. We haven’t got ____ time.
  2. Tom drinks ____ milk—one liter a day.
  3. She is very quite person. She doesn’t say ____.
  4. I put ____salt in the soup. Perhaps too
  5. ____ people do not like flying.
  6. The man was badly injured in the accident. He lost ____blood.
  7. It is not very lively town. There isn’t ____ to do.
  8. This car is very expensive to run. It uses ____ petrol.
  9. Don’t disturb me. I’ve got ____ work to do.
  10. He’s got so ____ money, he doesn’t know what to do with it.
  11. He always puts ____ salt on his food.
  12. We didn’t take ____ photographs when we were on holiday.
  13. He’s got no financial support. He’s got ____ money.
  14. We don’t need to go to a petrol station. We have ____ petrol.
  15. Come and sit at our table. There is ____ room.
  16. We can make omelets for lunch. We have got ____ eggs.
  17. We’ll easily find somewhere to stay. There are ____ hotels.
  18.  I can’t believe you’re still hungry. You have had ____ to eat.
  19. ‘How ____ money have you got?’—It’s Ok, I’ve got ____.’
  20. ‘Did you have ____ trouble with the customs?’—‘Rather .’
  21. There’s not ____ food left, is there?’—‘There’s bread and soup.’
  22. Celia talks ____.
  23. He’s got ____ men friends, but he doesn’t know girls.
  24. We’ve played ____ matches this season, but we haven’t won .
  25. ____ my friends are thinking of emigrating, but I don’t suppose ____ of them will in the end.
  26. ____ of us were invited at the last minute.
  27. ‘Where are my shirts?’—‘There are ____ in the washing machine.’
  28. There’s still ____ snow in the garden.
  29. Celia talks too ____.
  30. You’ve bought too ____ tomatoes.
  31. There’s so ____ violence these days.
  32. Try to get as ____ opinions as you can.
  33. Thank you very ____.
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