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Soal-soal prepositional collocation (exercise 2)

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Complete the following sentences with the correct preposition.
(Lengkapi kalimat di bawah ini dengan kata depan yang tepat.)

  1. Mr. Setiawan spends most of his time writing books. Most of his books are best-seller, and he is proud ____ this fact.
  2. Fini is nice but I will unlikely be married ____ her.
  3. Are you still upset ____ what I said to you this morning.
  4. Nowadays people in Indonesia are aware ____ the danger of earthquakes.
  5. Seanu has been doing the same job for too long. He’s bored ____ it.
  6. I had never seen so many people before. I was astonished ____ the crowds.
  7. Did you know that Irma is engaged ____ Setiawan?
  8. I was shocked ____ what you said, you should be ashamed yourself.
  9. Ratu starts her new job on Friday. She’s excited ____ it.
  10. I’ve been trying to learn Sundanese, but I am not satisfied ____ my progress.
  11. I am sorry ____ the smell in this room. It’s just been painted.
  12. The police are responsible ____ maintaining law and order.
  13. Our house is similar ____ theirs.
  14. Prabu and I come from the same town but my accent is different ____ his.
  15. Is there anyone who is interested ____ buying your antique car?
  16. The personnel manager was impressed ____ my performance.
  17. Bandung is very famous ____ beautiful girls.
  18. In the drawer I found a box full ____ old letters.
  19. I’d rather not go to European Food restaurant. I’m not very kind ____ European food.
  20. Setiawan is always honest. He is capable ____ telling a single lie.
  21. Nunik loves complaining. She complains ____ everything.
  22. Dedi hasn’t got a job. He depends ____ his brother for money.
  23. You were rude toward Kadita. You ought to apologize ____ her.
  24. Ratu decided to give up modeling and concentrated ____ entrepreunership.
  25. Do you belong ____ a political party?
  26. What happened ____ the picture that used to hang on the wall?
  27. When I looked ____ my watch, I couldn’t believe that it’s too late.
  28. You know that you can always rely ____ me.
  29. I dream ____ Fini last night. We were chatting excitedly, when she fell from her chair I woke up.
  30. Irma smiled ____ me as she passed me in the street.