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Soal-soal preposition (exercise 4)

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Complete the blank space with during or while appropriately.
(Lengkapilah kalimat berikut dengan during atau while dengan tepat.)

  1. I met Prof. Jaka ____ we were on seminar.
  2. I met Prof. Fuad ____ our seminar.
  3. I met Tono ____ he was washing his Jaguar.
  4. ____ we were in Kuningan, we stayed in one of the hotels in Sangkanurip.
  5. ____ our stay in Bogor, I visited Irma three or four times.
  6. The telephone rang seven times ____ I was taking a nap.
  7. I had been away for fifteen years. ____ that time, many things in Bandung had changed.
  8. What did the students say about me ____ I took a leave?
  9. There’s a lot of interuptions ____ the address speech of the new chairman.
  10. Please don’t interrupt ____ I am speaking.

Posts: 77
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