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Soal-soal preposition (exercise 3)

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Complete the blank space with during or for appropriately.
(Lengkapilali kalimat berikut dengan during ataufor dengan tepat.)

  1. It rained ____ three days without stopping.
  2. I fell asleep ____ the film.
  3. Setiawan started a new job a few weeks ago. Before that he was out of work ____ six months.
  4. I waited for you ____ half an hour and then decided that you wouldn’t come.
  5. We usually go out at week-end, but we don’t often go out ____the week.
  6. Ratu was very angry after our quarrel. She didn’t speak to me ____ a week.
  7. Prabu hasn’t lived in Bandung all his life. He lived in Kuningan ____ seven years.
  8. The company didn’t operate well ____ the strike.
  9. I was sick last week. I didn’t eat anything at all ____ four days.
  10. I met Kadita ____  the break-time.

Posts: 77
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