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Soal-soal preposition (exercise 2)

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Complete the blank space with at, on, or at appropriately.
(Lengkapilah kalimat berikut dengan at, on, atau at dengan tepat.)

  1. Mr. Setiawan is 33 years old. He’ll be retiring from his job 27 ____ years’ time.
  2. The course begins ____ 18th July and ends 12th December.
  3. Ratu and Prabu always go out for lunch ____ their birth day anniversary.
  4. I went to bed ____ midnight and got up ____ 5:15 the next morning.
  5. The hand-phone and the doorbell rang ____ the same time.
  6. We traveled overnight and arrived 6 o’clock____ the morning.
  7. Setiawan was bom ____ 1972.
  8. Are you doing anything special ____ the weekend?
  9. It was quite a short novel and enjoyable to read. 1 read it ____ a day.
  10. Seanu works very hard during the week, so he likes to relax ____ week-ends.
  11. Nunik got married ____ 19, which is quite old enough to get married in Sundanese tradition.
  12. Harry up! We’ve got to leave ____ ten minutes.
  13. I haven’t seen Kadita for some times. I last saw her ____ Saturday.
  14. I’m just going out to do some shopping. I’ll be right back ____ an hour.
  15. I’ll phone you ____ Friday morning ____ about 11p.m. Is it alright?
  16. Setiawan’s grandparents died ____ 1973 ____ the age of 93.
  17. Iam invited to Fini’s wedding ____ June 14.
  18. Prabu doesn’t meet his father very often these days—usually only ____ Lebaran and sometimes ____ rainy season for few weeks.
  19. Do you like going to the cinema ____ Wednesday night?
  20. Kadita’s brother is a freelance teacher but he is out of work  ____ the moment.
  21. I like walking around the complex  ____ night. It’s usually peaceful and relaxing.
  22. There’re usually a lot of parties  ____ new year’s eve.
  23. ____ Sunday afternoon, I usually go to a mall for glancing.
  24. The price of rice is rising ____ August.
  25. I think I’ll not be at home ____ the morning. Can you ring me up ____ the afternoon, then?
  26. Columbus discovered America ____ the 15th century.
  27. The first man landed on the moon  ____ July 1969.
  28. You can see the stars ____ night if the sky is clear.
  29. Tom isn’t here ____ the moment. He’ll be back ____ about ten minutes.
  30. It is difficult to listen when everyone is speaking  ____ the same time.
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