Soal-soal preferenc...

Soal-soal preference (exercise 4)

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Substitute ‘would rather ... than’ with ‘like ... better than’.

Ratu would rather collect

dolls than collect

Ratu likes collecting

dolls better than collecting


  1. I would rather have a BMW than a Jaguar as a bonus.
  2. I would rather listen to the music than sing a song.
  3. My brother would rather walk in the rain than wear a rain coat.
  4. Girls would rather have honesty than hypocrisy.
  5. Indonesian would rather live in harmony than in dispute.
  6. She would rather sleep than study.
  7. I would rather sit alone than get into the crowd.
  8. I would rather have blue color than yellow one.
  9. My mother would rather buy goods in traditional market than in a mall.
  10. He would rather speak English than French.
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