Soal-soal preferenc...

Soal-soal preference (exercise 3)

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Substitute ‘prefer ... to’ with ‘would rather ... than’.

Ratu prefers collecting

dolls to collecting

Ratu would rather collect

dolls than collect


  1. She prefers swallows to pigeons.
  2. I prefer juice to ice cream.
  3. My friends prefer playing to studying.
  4. Children prefer candies to sweets.
  5. I prefer Jazz to Dangdut.
  6. My family prefer buying a big house to a small one.
  7. My girl prefers chatting on the internet to doing anything else.
  8. I prefer catching butterflies to shooting birds.
  9. Do you prefer black coffee to white coffee?
  10. Little children prefer being with their mothers to their fathers.
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