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Soal-soal preference (exercise 2)

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Combine the following pairs of sentences by using the word/phrase in bracket.

Ratu collects dolls. She sometimes collects stamps, (like)
Ratu likes collecting

dolls better than collecting


  1. Kadita consumes steamed rice. She sometimes consumes fried rice, (would rather)
  2. I type my homework. I seldom write it by hand, (like)
  3. Perdana sometimes go fishing. He often go hunting birds, (would prefer)
  4. Ratu reads novel once a week. She write short stories twice a year, (prefer)
  5. My mother cooks soup. She doesn’t cook much crispy, (prefer)
  6. Seanu frequently cycles to school. He rarely drives a car. (like)
  7. I play music everyday. I play football once a while . (would prefer)
  8. He learns French. He doesn’t learn German much, (like)
  9. Nunik always listens to people’s speaking. She seldom speaks too much, (would rather)
  10. Mr. Setiawan eats vegetables. He sometimes eats meat, (prefer)
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