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Soal-soal noun clause (exercise 2)

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Answer the following questions using noun clauses beginning with words as indicated below them. Number one has been done for you.
(Jawablah pertanyaan berikut dengan menggunakan bentuk klausa nomina, jawaban dimulai dengan kata-kata seperti yang tertera ada dibawahnya. Nomor 1 dijadikan contoh.)

  1. How long is the Citanduy river?
    No one knows how long the Gitanduv river is.
  2. Where does your father work?
    I won’t tell you ____
  3. Who ate my cake in the refrigerator?
    I want to know ____
  4. When did Indonesia get its independence?
    All of us know very well ____
  5. What is the biggest city in Indonesia?
    You must know ____
  6. How far is Kuningan from Bandung.
    She can tell us ____
  7. Why does Kadita accept the offer to work in Singapore?
    Her parents can’t understand ____
  8. How many books have you read so far?
    You remember ____
  9. Which SMU will you attend?
    You have decided ____
  10. How much does a new Mercedes Benz cost?
    I don’t have any idea ____