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Soal-soal kompetensi subject-verb agreement (exercise 3)

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Underline the subject of the missing predicate, and fill in the blank with is or are.

  1. Few ____ strong enough to finish the race.
  2. There ____ a pair of sunglasses lying on the floor.
  3. Both my good trousers and my old jeans ____ at the laundry.
  4. Many of you ____ going to score above 8 for English in the coming examination.
  5. There ____ several on the top shelf of the bookcase.
  6. Neither the doctor nor the nurses ____ here
  7. The number of nurses in the city ____ very large.
  8. All of the nurses ____ very poor.
  9. All of the medicine ____ gone.
  10. Some of the water ____ used for irrigation.
  11. Most of the money ____ counterfeit.
  12. Not only the money but also the jewels ____ locked up in the safe.
  13. Neither the jewel nor the money ____ mine.
  14. All of the cookies ____ gone.
  15. Half of the furniture ____ in the truck.
  16. The crew ____ asleep in their bunks down in the hold of the ship.
  17. Several unusual species of birds ____ found in this area.
  18. When a young deer ____ motionless, its coloring will hide it well.
  19. The committee ____ ready to make its recommendations public.
  20. The family ____ frightening among themselves constantly.
  21. The fish in the aquarium ____ waiting for their daily feeding.
  22. Each of those species of birds ____ common in Kuningan.
  23. Both apparatus ____ available for your use.
  24. All sheep ____ dipped in the spring to kill the parasites.
  25. The press ____requested to show their credentials to the guards.
  26. The Portuguese ____ fortunate to have such a beautiful coastline.
  27. Many Vietnamese ____living in the United States.
  28. Supernatural phenomena ____ of great interest to many people.
  29. These bacteria ____ being studied by university scientists.
  30. The appendices ____ usually found at the back of the book.

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