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Soal-soal conjunctions (exercise 3)

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Rewrite the sentence as indicated by the word in bracket.
(Tulis kembali kalimat di bawah ini dengan menggunakan kata yang tertera dalam kurung.)


  • Although the traffic was bad, I arrived on time, (despite)
    Despite the bad traffic, I arrived on time.
  • Because the traffic was bad, I couldn’t arrive on time, (because of)
    Because of the bad traffic, I couldn’t arrive on time.


  1. Although he’s got a Bataknese name, he is in fact a Javanese, (despite)
  2. In spite of her injured foot, Kadita managed to walk to the village, (even though)
  3. I decided to accept the job although the salary was low. (in spite of)
  4. Although he has a very reasonable job, he isn’t particularly well-paid, (despite)
  5. I didn’t wear a coat despite a cold weather, (although)
  6. As they live near us, we see them quite often, (because of)
  7. Because of his bad temper, 1 dismissed him from the list, (since)
  8. Because we had nothing better to do, we watched TV the whole evening, (because of)
  9. As it is a public holiday, all the shops will be shut tomorrow, (because of)
  10. Since I felt very tired last night, I went to bed very early, (because o

Posts: 96
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