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Latihan soal troublesome verbs (part 1)  


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Directions: Choose the correct word in parentheses. (Pilih kata yang benar dalam tanda kurung.)

  1. The student (raised, rose) his hand in class.
  2. Hot air (raises, rises).
  3. Ann (set, sat) in a chair because she was tired.
  4. I (set, sat) your dictionary on the table a few minutes ago.
  5. Hens (lay, lie) eggs.
  6. Sara is (laying, lying) on the grass in the park right now.
  7. Jan (laid, lay) the comb on top of the dresser a few minutes ago.
  8. If you are tired, you should (lay, lie) down and take a nap.
  9. San Francisco (lay, lies) to the north of Los Angeles.
  10. Mr. Faust (raises, rises) many different kinds of flowers in his garden.
  11. The student (raised, rose) from her seat and walked to the front ofthe auditorium to receive her diploma.
  12. Hiroki is a very methodical person. Every night before going to bed, he (lays, lies) his clothes for the next day on his chair.
  13. Where are my keys? I (lay, laid) them here on the desk five minutes ago.
  14. Fred (set, sat) the table for dinner.
  15. Fred (set, sat) at the table for dinner.
  16. The fulfillment of all your dreams (lies, lays) within you - if you just believe in yourself.

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