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Latihan soal simple past and past progressive (part 1)

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Directions: Use the simple past or the past progressive of the verbs in parentheses.


I am sitting in class  right now. I (sit) was sitting

in class at this exact same time yesterday.

  1. I don't want to go to the zoo today because it is raining. The same thing happened yesterday. I (want, not) ... to go to the zoo because it (rain) ...
  2. I (call) ... Roger at nine last night, but he (be, not) ... at home. He (study) ... at the library.
  3. I (hear, not) ... the thunder during the storm last night because I (sleep) ...
  4. It was beautiful yesterday when we went for a walk in the park. The sun (shine) .... A cool breeze (blow) ... The birds (sing) ...
  5. My brother and sister (argue) ... about something when I (walk) ... into the room.
  6. I got a package in the mail. When I (open) ... it, I (find) ... a surprise.
  7. While Mrs. Emerson (read) ... the little boy a story, he (fall) ... asleep, so she (close) ... the book and quietly (tiptoe) ... out of the room.
  8. A: Why weren't you at the meeting? B: I (wait) ... for an overseas call from my family.
  9. A: (you, hear) ... what she just said? B: No, I (listen, not) .... I (think) ... about something else.
  10. A: How (you, break)... your arm? B: I (slip) ... on the ice while I (cross) ... the street in front of the dorm.
  11. A: I'm sure you met Carol Jones at the party last night. B: I don't remember her. What (she, wear) ...?
  12. It was my first day of class. I (find, finally) ... the right room. The room (be, already) ... full of students. On one side of the room, students (talk, busily) ... to each other in Spanish. Other students (speak) ... Japanese, and some (converse) ... in Arabic. It sounded like the United Nations. Some of the students, however, (sit, just) ... quietly by themselves. I (choose) ... an empty seat in the last row and (sit) ... down. In a few minutes, the teacher (walk) ... into the room and all the multilingual conversation (stop) ...
  13. I really enjoyed my vacation last January. While it (snow) ... Toronto, the sun (shine) ... in Florida. While you (shovel) ... snow in Iowa, I (lie) ... on the beach in Florida.
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