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Latihan soal reading comprehension (part 2)

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Sebelum menjawab soal ini, terlebih dahulu saya sarankan untuk mengerjakan soal reading comprehension part 1 yang ditulis oleh mas Radit di sini.

Complete the sentences with the suitable words in the list.

Larger, air, plant, both, the, form, they, to

The worst dry period was the drought of the 1930's. Good farmland on the Western Plains became as a Dust Bowl. Farmers had a very hard time until they started to use modern farming methods. Now, farmers ..... a different crop every year. Some years ..... give part of their land a rest ..... land stay healthy and rich. Modern farmers ..... rows in the carving lines and plant trees ..... stop the wind. Modern crops are much ..... and more dependable. Dry land farming is ..... a science and an art. From the ..... the farms look like pieces of modern art.