Latihan soal menemu...

Latihan soal menemukan frasa atau kata yang salah pada kalimat (part 2)

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Sebelum mengerjakan soal ini, sebaiknya Anda mengerjakan soal part 1 dulu.

Temukan frasa atau kata yang salah pada kalimat berikut ini:

  1. ">The president met

    with person ">who constantly

    wrote ">hoaxes

    about him. Instead of giving him to the police, #ff00ff">he forgave him

    and told him to find ">a more annoying way to make money


  2. Larry ">has more experience

    in mountain climbing than Jim. He ">has climbed

    ">some of the high

    mountains in the world. #ff00ff">They should have

    appointed him as the group leader, ">instead of Jim


  3. ">It seems like

    Robert's watch ">is made

    from a different time zone. He always ">arrives latest

    than #ff00ff">the rest of us

    . ">What's worse is

    he always finds with an excuse.

  4. You should talk to her ">as soon as possible

    . ">The long you wait

    , ">the worse things

    will turn out for both of you. #ff00ff">A small spark

    can ">turn into

    a big fire if you don't do anything about it.

  5. Nothing ">would stop

    Jane ">from travelling

    around the world ">by herself

    , not even loneliness and #ff00ff">money troubles

    . She's always ">as captive as a bird


  6. "Take me to ">the most nearly

    drugstore, ">will you

    ? I need to buy some medicine ">to relieve

    this migraine," said Bob to the #ff00ff">Vietnamese taxi driver

    ">who doesn't seem

    to understand him.

  7. The way ">Paul drives can

    make even ">the bravest of people ">scared for their life

    . He drives #ff00ff">more dangerous

    than a Hollywood stuntman. ">You should never

    be on his passenger's seat.

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