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Latihan soal bahasa Inggris tentang either, neither, dan both

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Jawablah soal berikut ini dengan benar.

1. I have an allergy to strawberries, and my son has it ____
2. She doesn't get what Mom said, and me ____
3. Mark didn't come on time, ____ did I
4. Ronald didn't want to join you, and I didn't ____
5. You can choose ____ milk or apple juice, but you're not allowed to take all of them
6. I like ____ instant noodles and meatballs, but I hate spaghetti
7. I want ____ Mary or Hana, because all I want is you
8. I don't bring ____ my children, I just come here with my eldest son
9. I didn't want ____ of you to leave me alone here
10. ____ of us will go out in this hurricane, don't worry


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