Contoh soal UAS (ujian akhir sekolah) bahasa Inggris kelas 6 SD/MI (latihan 2)

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This is SD Permata Bunda. The students of this school come here everyday. They do a lot of activities. They learn different kinds of subjects, such as Mathematics, English, Biology, and Indonesian language.
Everyday they wear the school uniform, white and white for every Monday, white and red for Tuesday until Friday, and the scout uniform for every Saturday.

1. What days do the students wear the white and red uniform?

A. Thursday
B. Saturday
C. Sunday
D. Monday

2. The students wear .... every Monday.

A. white and red
B. the scout uniform

C. batik
D. white and white

3. They learn different kind of subjects. The italic word means ........

A. animal
B. lessons
C. books
D. scheduls

4. Usually they do the scout practice for every ........

A. Sunday
B. Wednesday
C. Friday
D. Saturday

5. They have ...kinds uniforms.

A. one
B. two
C. three
D. four

6. Is this a butterfly? ........
It's a bird.

A. Yes, it is
B. Yes, it is
C. No, it. is not
D. No, it is

7. The boys are in the field.
They are (play) fotball.

A. play
B. playing
C. plays
D. played

8. There are ... books on the table

A. one
B. two
C. three
D. four

9. Mr. Koko is explaining us how to product 23 and 43.
He is a ... teacher.

A. English
B. Sport
C. Mathematics
D. Biology

10. Rudi and Hasan ... playing computer game.

A. has
B. am
C. are
D. is

11. Marni ... two pens.

A. are
B. is
C. have
D. has

12. My mother .... in the kitchen everyday.

A. learns
B. sports
C. sleeps
D. cooks

13. Do you like a candy?
No, ........

A. I done
B. I don't
C. I didn't
D. I doesn't

14. Ronaldo is an Brazilian athlet. He is a .... player.

A. football
B. tennis
C. swim
D. athletic

15. Where can you get any food if you hungry?
I can get some food in ........

A. school
B. restaurant
C. library
D. airport

16. Mr. Iyus is delivering a letter to someone everyday.
He isa ........

A. teacher
B. postman
C. lecture
D. doctor

17. has - breakfast - Sunarti - want - to.

A. Sunarti has to want breakfast
B. Sunarti want to breakfast has
C. Sunarti breakfast to has want
D. Sunarti want to has breakfast

18. This food is ........

A. jelly
B. water
C. cake
D. ice cream

19. We are watching the film in ........

A. the cinema
B. the market
C. the hospital
D. the restaurant

20. My grandfather has many duck. His duck give him some ........

A. pens
B. books
C. grass
D. eggs

21. are - playing - the yard - Udi and Alan - in.

A. Playing the yard Udi and Alan are in
B. Udi and Alan are the yard playing in
C. The yard are playing Udi and Alan in
D. Udi and Alan are playing in the yard

22. The musical intstrument comes from West Java. It's made of wood. It is ........

A. arumba
B. angklung
C. Clarinet
D. piano

23. The animal has four legs. It called the king of jungle. It is ........

A. lion
B. ant
C. snake
D. piano

24. We can see a lot of kinds animals in the town in ........

A. library
B. school
C. zoo
D. mosque

25. He is in the living room. He .... news on tv.

A. watched
B. watches
C. will watch
D. is watching

26. Mr. Komarudin brings a plane. He is a ........

A. pilot
B. watches
C. will watch
D. is watching

27. Sudrajat is elever. He is not ........

A. angry
B. careless
C. stupid
D. handsome

28. How many days in the week?

A. four
B. five
C. six
D. seven

29. January, February, ... , April, May, June, July, august, September, October, November, December.

A. March
B. March
C. Marc
D. Marcht

30. Indonesian freedom day ceremony on ........

A. July
B. March
C. April
D. August

31. Tangkuban Parahu is located in ....

A. East java
B. West jave
C. Central java
D. Bali

32. The day after Saturday is ........

A. Sunday
B. Friday

C. Tuesday
D. Wednesday

33. save - you - money -your - in - the bank.

A. You save your money in the bank
B. Your money save you in the bank
C. Your money you save in the bank
D. The bank save you your money

34. We do not learn in the market, but we learn in the ........

A. bank
B. mosque
C. mountain
D. school

35. Mrs. Susanti is ... , but Mrs. Wiwi is short.

A. high
B. tall
C. fat
D. stupid

36. Mosque is a place for ........

A. swim
B. pray
C. sport
D. stupid

37. 18, 19, ... , 20.

A. twelve
B. thirteen
C. twenty
D. fourty

38. It's Monday. Tomorrow is ........

A. Saturday
B. Sunday
C. Tuesday
D. Thursday

39. A cat catches a ........

A. elephant
B. rat
C. dinosaurus
D. horse

40. A, B, C, D, E, F, ... etc. These are ........

A. letters
B. animal
C. fruit
D. books