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Contoh soal LCT (Lomba Cepat Tepat) bahasa Inggris untuk SMP / MTS

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Loma LCT (Lomba Cepat Tepat) atau lomba cerdas cermat merupakan lomba atau kompetisi bahasa Inggris yang sering diadakan di tingkat SMP dan MTS. Berikut ini contoh soal LCT beserta kunci jawabannya:

Contoh dan Jawaban Soal Khusus SMP/MTS 15 paket @ 2

Paket 1

1How do you spell the word : “DILIGENT”di-ai-el-ai-ji-i-en-ti
2Attention!All members of students’ board must join the meeting from 14th November to 21st November after school. 



What kind of text is it?

It is an announcement

Paket 2

1Is this sentence true or false : “My children is cooking”False

If you find this notice, what will you do?Not to come inside

Paket 3

1What day comes after Tuesday?Wednesday

Where do you usually find this notice?In a mosque

Paket 4

1Someone who flies an aeroplane is called a …..Pilot

Hot Surface



What should you do if you read this notice?Not to touch the surface because it is hot.

Paket 5

1Complete the following sentence with

correct form of possessive pronouns.

“They have a bus”. “ It is … … bus”.Their2“NO LITTER”

The notice above means…..Do not throw the rubbish here.

Paket 6

1Change this sentence into simple

past tense

“Raja does not have a big brother”.“Raja did not have a big brother”.2These are the things in the refrigerator, except ….

a.       Fruits

b.      Syrup

c.       Rice

d.      Eggs

e.       CarrotsRice

Paket 7

1Complete the sentence with appropriate


“ Mr. Joko is A  ………. . He makes wooden tables and chairs.carpenter2He will be very happy next week. The interrogative form of this sentence is ……Will he be happy next week?

Paket 8

1What is the suitable question for the

following response!

“I am 140 cms tall”“How tall are you?”2This place is a part of a house where we have breakfast, lunch, or dinner with our family. It is a ….dinning room

Paket 9

1How do you response to the following


“I have just won Olympic game”Congratulation

2Change the following words into a good order!

“we- Muslim-pray-five-a-day-as-should- times.As Muslim, we should pray five times a day.

Paket 10

1What is the antonym of HUGE?SMALL / LITTLE
2Change the following words into a good order!

“we-wash-have-shirts-our-to.We have to wash our shirts.

Paket 11

1Complete this sentence:

He needs to ………. He is so thirsty.Drink2FOOD STORAGE ONLY

No Chemical in This Unit!

What does the caution means?We can only put food in the unit.

Paket 12

1What is the past form of the verb TAKE?TOOK
2Rama is my uncle. Shinta is my daughter. So, Rama is Sinta’s……grandfather

Paket 13

1Today is Monday. What day was five days ago?It was Wednesday
2The son of your step sister is your ………..nephew

Paket 14

1Where do students conduct an experiment?Laboratory
2Change this sentence into negetive form!

“The dog barks loudly”.“The dog does not bark loudly”.

Paket 15

1What is the antonym of the word “STRONG”WEAK/LOW/FADING/LIMP
2Change this sentence into an introgative senetence!

“Wati never gets up late”.“Does Wati never get up late?”

Contoh dan Jawaban Soal Rebutan SMP/MTS 4 paket @ 1

Paket 1

1A person who traits a patient’s teeth is a …….dentist
2Complete the dialogue below!

Adi  : “What is Mr. John doing?”

Ana : “He is cutting someone’s hair”.

Adi  : “What is he?”

Ani  : “He is a ……..barber

Paket 2

1What do people usually use to protect

themselves from the rain?Rain coat/ Umbrella2“BE SILENT! EXAM IN PROGRESS”

Where do you usually read this notice?School

Paket 3

1Complete this sentence:

Let’s go to ……. I need to search some resource books.library2Anto was born on January 23rd 1989. How old is he now?He is 25 years old.

Paket 4

1Complete this sentence:

May I borrow your …….. I need to look up words I don’t

know.dictionary 2 The class is dirty now. The suitable command for this fact is …..Sweep the floor please, etc

Contoh dan Jawaban Soal Kualifikasi SMP/MTS 1 paket @ 5

Paket 1

1“Did you come to watch Indonesia Super League match last


“No, I didn’t. What about you?”

“________. “

a. I did not too              c. I did either

b. So did not I               d. Neither did Id. Neither did I2“Our classmates are going to join annual culture carnival.”


a. So am I                    c. I do too

b. So I am                    d. Am I tooa. So am I3Thasya : which do you prefer, apple or

star fruit?

Lia : I’d rather have star fruit than apple.

What does Lia express ________.

a. Intention                  c. Preference

b. Invitation                d. Offerc. Preference4Dion ________ playing tennis than playing volley ball.

a. prefers                      c. would

b. would rather            d. likesd. likes5Ani has four books and a couple of

pens. This sentence means _______.

a. She has more books than pens

b. She has more pens than books

c. She has fewer books than pens

d. She has as many as pens as booksa. She has more books than pens

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