Latihan soal tenses 7

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1. Wisnu: “Where did you get the novel from?”
Heru: “I borrowed from the library last week. I want to return it now because I ____ it already.”
2. Do you know who ____ the book “Treasure Island?”
3. Joni ____ his Biology assignment these days.
4. The boys were swimming at the beach when the rain ____ to fall.
5. “Where is your brother?”
”In his room. He ____ a computer game.”
6. He ____ the teacher is in the classroom.
7. I don’t ____ why he can’t come on time.
8. She mustn’t believe what her friend has ____.
9. Roni and Rina are at Nia’s house. They want to finish their homework. They ____ it seriously now.
10. Today Smith has a tootache, all the time he is crying. I ____ him to a dentist as soon as possible.


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