Latihan soal tenses 5

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Rubahlah kata yang ada di dalam tanda kurung menjadi bentuk yang benar.

1. Your shoes look shining (you, polish) them with a wax?

2. "When (you father, buy) that nice BMW?" "He (buy) it two days ago."

3. last night I (go) to a party. When I (get) there, the room was full of people, some of them (dance) and others (talk).

4. Nina (go, usually) to school by bus, but today she (go) on foot.

5. I (call) Kevin at eight last night, but he (be, not) at home, he (have) dinner at McDonald.

6. I cannot afford a Jaguar. It (cost) too much.

7. "There is something I want to inform you."

"Go ahead, I (listen)."

8. Right now Smith (do) the homework. He (start) doing it an hour ago. He (do) the homework for an hour.

9. Ira (be) to Pangandaran ten times. She (go) there again this coming weekend.

10. The jacket (not, belong) to you. It (belong) to someone else.


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