Latihan soal tenses 38

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Write the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1. Pam: You look well. have you been on holiday?
David: Yes, I went (sebagai contoh) (go) to cairo two weeks ago.
Pam: What (be) it like? you (have) a good time?
David: Brilliant. In the first week I (visit) the pyramids, which were amazing. And, guess what? later that week, I (ride) a camel! you ever (ride) a camel?
Pam: No, never.
David: I don't recommend it! I never (feel) so uncomfortable in my life.
Pam: you (take) any photos?
David: Yes, of course! you ever (hear) of the Step pyramid? I (take) some great photos there.
Pam: Yes, I saw programme about it on TV. Maybe I'll go to Egypt one day. It sounds fascinating.


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