Latihan soal tenses 29

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Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Then fill in the name of the tense you have used. You can use contraction. See the example.


  1. Johan ____ doing the washing-up. (hate - ____)
  2. Hi, Laura. Long time no see. How ____ it ____ (go - ____)


  1. Johan hates doing the washing-up. (hate - present simple)
  2. Hi, Laura. Long time no see. How's it going (go - present continuous)

1. Sorry to keep you. How long you ? (wait - )

2. I sincerely hope they the building work by the end of next month, (finish - )

3. What you between 5 and 6pm last Saturday? (do - )

4. Good news everybody! We to build a new gymnasium with the new government grant, (can - )

5. Julia ever seriously ill before her trip to India last year? (be - )

6. Just think, this time next month I here for ten years! (work - )

7. Does anyone want a sandwich? No thanks, I just lunch, (have - )

8. Where on earth you those shoes? They're awful! (buy - )

9. I hope I on a sun-drenched beach in Italy this time tomorrow, (sit - )

10. We through the forest for two or three hours when we realised we were lost! (walk - )


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