Latihan soal tenses 28  

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Ubah kata yang ada di dalam kurung menjadi bentuk yang tepat.


My exam (be) ____ on 15 May, so there (not / be) ____ any time to be lost.


My exam is on 15 May, so there is not any time to be lost.

1. In the back of his shop in Dublin's George's Street, he (begin) to run coffee making demonstrations.

2. His wife (bake) scones to go with the coffee, and the couple soon (find out) that their idea (be) extremely popular among customers.

3. That (mark) the beginning of the first Bewley's Oriental Caf?.

4. In Dublin's Grafton Street, Ernest Bewley (open) another Bewley's Oriental Caf? in 1927, on which he (spend) nearly 60,000 Pound.

5. Still now the interior furnishings and wonderful stain glass (provide) a very special oriental flair.

6. During World War II, Bewley's (must restrict) the supply of tea to an ounce per head, and many customers (switch) to coffee.

7. Today, Bewley's (be) Ireland's leading supplier of quality coffees and teas.

8. It (create) a catering service for larger customers such as Trinity College and it (open) caf?s in book stores and Dublin Airport.

9. Bewley's Clipper Gold Tea and Espresso Prima (win) Gold Awards in the London Great Taste Awards.


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