Latihan soal tenses 27  

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Ubah kata yang ada di dalam kurung menjadi bentuk yang tepat.


My exam (be) ____ on 15 May, so there (not / be) ____ any time to be lost.


My exam is on 15 May, so there is not any time to be lost.

1. Bewley's (be) an old Irish tea house chain.

2. The history of the famous Bewley's Oriental Caf?s (begin) in 1835 when Charles Bewley (import) over 2000 chests of tea directly from the Chinese province of Canton to Dublin.

3. It (not / look) like a great deal today, but back then it (be) a coup: no man before (dare) to import tea directly into Ireland.

4. Bewley's initiative (put) an end to the East India Trading Company's tea monopoly which before 1835 (force) the Irish to import their tea from London.

5. Samuel Bewley's son Joshua also (become) a tea merchant.

6. Like his father, he (import) tea into Ireland.

7. The Irish (like) the idea of not having to import old tea from London.

8. A tea expert (notice) that even the poorest Irish people (buy) only the finest tea.

9. By the end of the 19th century a tea culture (develop) in Ireland.

10. In 1894, Joshua's son Ernest Bewley (want) to stimulate the market for a product that (be) rather unknown that far: coffee.


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