Latihan soal subjunctives 4

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1. "Tita are you going to see the dentist this afternoon?"
"I wish I didn't have to."
Kiki: I wish I had a certificate of deposit.
Indah: Why?
Kiki: The interest rate is high now."

From the dialogue we can conclude that Kiki ____
Hadi: What's your opinion about global economy?
Tito: Well, I think there will be many foreigners coming to Indonesia and foreign products will be easy to find in our country. But I wish they were not expensive.

From the dialogue above we may conclude that ____
4. I know you're having financial problems. But you keep it to your self. I wish you ____ to me about it now.
5. I wish someone answered my call. It's been ringing for about five minutes.
The underlined sentence means ____
6. He orders people around as if he were the owner of the restaurant.
From the above statement we may conslude that ____
7. I wish ____ now to watch our play.
8. I wish you ____ to stay at home because I'm sure you would have enjoyed the concert very much.
9. Did she take the medicine last night?
No, ____
10. "Let's go swimming!"
I wish I ____ we have a test tomorrow and I still have to study.


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